Generation 1

Version 1.0 (2016)

Earliest version of site I have archived. During this time large part of site content wasn't accessible via page and was shared directly.

Version 1.9 (2017)

Late version of 1st generation design, with dynamic index which will be later used for Github Pages. Index still references small part of actual site content.

Generation 2

Version 2.0 - "Perfor8" (2017)

This is first attempt to create consistent design for site. Although it codenamed "Perfor8" (because of perfor8.css), it was inspired by Photon style/colour scheme used by many imageboard engines. Originally it uses Trebuchet MS font, but later it was replaced by DDIN. Background is collage of backgrounds used in The Prodigy flash site during AONO era.

Version 2.1 - "Perfor8" (2018)

Updated version of "Perfor8". Font was changed to Alte Haas Grotesk, background - to edited screenshot from this video, colors were slightly changed. Added microblog section (later transformed into ublog) and links page.

Version 2.2.0 - "Photon" (2018)

Another incremental change. Layout was slightly changed, font - Aller, background - edited, based on photo. Most of old version is still available under "Archive" link. During this period site was built automatically.

Version 2.2.1 - "Photon" (2018)

Slightly changed.

Version 2.5 - "NT63" (2018)

Also codenamed "Seattle". Major site restyling while keeping layout same. Style is minimalistic and loosely based on Microsoft Modern UI (aka Metro) guidelines. There atr links allowing switching to Photon and Seattle CSS.

Generation 3

Version 3.0 - "rwzr" (2019)

Version based on design I initially created for Github Pages. Layout is more mobile-friendly, bear some similarities with original 1st generation design and looks like navigation menus. Articles section is added.

Version 3.1 - "rwzr" (2019)

Updated version of "rwzr" design.

Generation 4

Version 4.0 - "Windowlab" (2020)

Layout mimicking application window having default appearance of Windowlab window manager. Site organization is similar to Photon - navigation on top + content/link directory.

Version 4.2 - "501" (2020)

Transitional design inspired by 1st generation design and this site and one of first versions having splash screen.