ake online


Reviving old Konquest-inspired TBS - translated, fixed some obvious UI bugs (like making garrison NaN) and made "smarter" map generation (without planets clashing into each other). There are also redone old-style version with slightly modified gameplay, but i'm not sure when it'll be uploaded.

Small roadmap

Minor update

The idea to automate site came again, but this time I've reduced it to minimal bash script using m4 to put page content into base template and at the moment its ease/complexity ratio looks OK.

'19 re-edit

I've decided to rework this site again. I've brought back blog/updates section on front page and tried to merge almost all links to stuff into one page. One of thing I always wanted to implement and had added here is pluggable menu which is obvious trade-off, because it's unavailable for user with javascript disabled, but at least there are 3 static buttons which will point to sitemap and something else. As you can see this design is mostly ripped from^Winspired by windowlab wm. Probably the way it looks is transitive and somewhen I'll rework it into something different or make pluggable design or make mockup dump/showreel. If you're looking for something you've seen here, try to find it here

Secure reaper

Fresh design – fresh rants.

HTTPS has taken another innocent victim. From now I can't go to neocities and its sites using my old Android phone default browser no more. Athough it rendered neocities well enough back then at the moment it even can't download any page of this site which (how irony) sometimes positioned itself as opposition to heavy and bloated modern web. I can't call myself antiHTTPS adept, but situation with these unneccessary compatibility break-ups looks like worse than ever.