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This site mostly wasn't intended to be used as blog, but rather as playground/archive. So better go to stuff section and checkout some javascript demos instead.


Recently I've began to hate cloud web services.

First of them, AWS. From the beginning it requires credit card - well, I have a virtual one. Moving next, registration is over, trying to log in - your account is suspended, we failed to charge USD1. OK, I opened list of payments done with my virtual card - "AWS - 1 USD". So, let's write a letter to support - "Money transferred, could you unlock my account". And they replies - "We still can't get your money, you are suspicious, please send us your invoice, billing address proof, photo by fax". FAX, in 2017!? Well, AWS, get back in time send a fax from my car. P.S.: at least this dollar has returned a month later

The next - Azure. At least it didn't fail to take my money and also gave some money for internal use with "free subscription". This subscription offers free or almost free usage of ultra-cheap class VPSs, so I decided to get one. Well, selecting "virtual machines", selecting image, selecting location (damn, I can't choose some of them), looking through enormous number of options without any filter - there is no such VPS class. OK, searching through azure docs and finally finding table describing relations between regions and classes and explaining this class is only available in western europe region.

Then I decided to use their document db, found "getting started" tutorial which shows "hello world"-like example of API usage. There were some confusing things in this example so I clicked the link that must lead me to python module docs, however it sent me to 404 page - OK, i cloned repository of module and built docs with sphinx and found that both API used in that example and this module kinda obsolete, so you should use module which is just wrapping REST API of this db service, you can also use silly SQLish queries with this db. How should I get list of collections? - "select * from r" - Why "r"? - It's obvious - Do you stated this in docs? - No, it's too obvious, but you can find it in examples.


Invaders have flown in and published this post here


Mini-post: Updates - 5 Dec


— Fixed player images pre-loading
— Redone remotestorage so it became really RESTful
— Redone authorization for journal posting page

A bit of old demos


Recently I thought about «format» of this site and have concluded that I'm not able to combine some aspects and creating new one will be good enough idea. I've not decided will I link/mention it as it's going to be less neutral, more accented on blog stuff and there will probably be some questionable (that inappropriate here IMO) content.

Firendly reminder for myself — implement this + rewrite sticked post.


Finally I made custom gui for html5 audio.

Track credit goes to mnm.fm


HTML playground (probably with localStorage saves)
Screenshot gallery (or something like this)
Yet another redesign attempt or journal redesign or special dump for web mockups





Added the web audio drum machine. Drum samples are hosted in other place, used source: VEXST Amen Drum Kit. Select drum in the top row and build a pattern, tempo and distortion rate also can be adjusted.


I'm reworking site structure, probably it will be broken today.


Well, I was almost right when said that I will edit posts manually anyway. AC adapter of my old faithful notebook eventually malfunctioned, so I've had to took my spare pc, eeepc-like netbook, as replacement.

This situation was predictable for 6-8 year old notebook, so now I have to look for proper replacement. There are two candidates: Acer TravelMate TMP259-MG-39WS and Lenovo Ideapad 520-15 and also two cheaper alternatives: ASUS K501UQ and Lenovo 310-15


Back to raw distorted «dodgy» big-beat sound.


This seems to be the first time when this page was created by generator rather than me *S&H noises are getting louder* May be that will be also the last one. Writing posts in yaml is more friendly (but you still should quote post body 'cause there are corner brackets in it), but writing post a day manually is too easy anyway. The main things that «add post slackery» affects is dates/timestamps, also it would be nice to add permalinks (can become useful somewhen).

Also I'm thinking about new page contains guides/articles about linux and/or coding.

Idea: to use hash for permalinks


Slightly changed section links and made page for writing posts to journal (I have no idea why i need two distinct «blogs», that one is more like proof-of-concept with content hosted separately in the other place)


Now I've got best idea of stuff related to neocities and web 1.0. I must create something like this or that but without a dope flash.

This compilation of animated overlays, glitching backgrounds, hovers, event-driven sounds in site design is freakin' attractive.


Decided to use cool font (unfortunately it's not Comic Sans) because "not only all can has" Trebuchet on their computers, I've seen that even on preview. At least it doesn't looks like ШГ, but also doesn't have any other glyphs than latin-1, as I see.


Added fresh loops and demos to misc section.


So after several days of me remaining in hesitation, I've implemented kinda generic backend for this site and some other ideas. It provides methods similar to localStorage, but it's server-side and has some security additions. Now, it's used by old new miniblog and managed by control page.


At the moment I'm going also rework this page (built upon my own home-made-kewl-component-web-framework) or combine it with master version.
Because it's too lazy for me to edit static pages or use some generator (unless self-written), so this gonna be kinda little CMS.