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This is page that contains built-in editor for its posts. It can be activated if you add "?edit" to URL. It's inspired by TiddlyWiki (https://tiddlywiki.com).

- edit posts
- click save, save html somewhere and upload
- repeat

- editing html by hand is too complicated and error-prone, especially keeping ids and dates correct;
- static site generators require keeping sources somewhere and setup build process;
- JS-loaded content is neither indexed nor available for ancient browsers

- simple markup (like txt2tags), support for links
- editor elements added by JS instead of cluttering HTML
- editor functionality in separate script
- generate ids for posts (to make anchor links)
- show modification/creation date for posts
- export as html without editor elements
- export to json/import from json
- adding new empty post

Some random text for testing

Ward Cunningham has a thing that counts how many files were changed on a given date -- a quick way to find files that are related to one another

Although SGML has 65k as attribute size limit, HTML5 has no specified limit for element attribute value.